What Am I Doing Here?

Your worksite employer has partnered with TrendHR and will be handling your pay checks among other employment administrative services. We know you want to be paid, so before we can process your pay check you will need to answer a few questions. To begin, you need to register your account to be able to complete your paperwork online, here at Trend ONease!


Once registered you will be taken to a set of questions that will automatically fill out each form for you. You will be able to view the completed forms before submitting them to TrendHR.


Also during the session, you can select to set up a direct deposit for you pay check. Be sure to have your bank account information handy!


Session Covers

  • Personal Information
    • Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number
  • TrendHR Enrollment Acknowledgment
    • Understanding that Your Worksite Employer Has Entered Into a Co-Employment Relationship
  • I-9 Form
    • Verifies Employment Eligibility in the U.S.
  • W-4 Form
    • Withholding Status, Number of Allowances, Additional Withholding Amount
  • Direct Deposit (Optional)
    • Account Information (For up to nine different bank accounts.)


*Please know that we protect the confidentiality of the information you submit. With the Trend ONease system you are safe & secure.









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